The Bazaar

Rumor has it someone’s come damn close to hacking the human brain. That someone happens to be Mitchell Fulton’s late friend, brilliant but troubled programmer David Reese. If Reese’s code falls into the wrong hands it will pave the way for digital weapons of mass  destruction: computer viruses that infect human minds.

Fulton agrees to help a team of military contractors retrieve it.

They aren’t the only ones gunning for Reese’s app, however. A group of freelance terrorists are looking to make a big score. They’ve got one of the best hackers in the business and no shortage of willing buyers. The drug cartels that control the Central American Free Trade Zone, for starters.

Fulton and company soon find themselves on the bleeding edge of a new kind of war — one fought in the streets, online and inside their minds.

The Bazaar is a 30,000-word novella. I published it on this blog, one chapter at a time. This page serves as the index.



About the Project

Chapter 1: “Gambler’s Fallacy”

Chapter 2: “Mercenary Barbie”

Chapter 3: “Fulton’s Folly”

Chapter 4: “Zoning Out”

Chapter 5: “Fulton in The Zone”

Chapter 6: “Black Screen of Death”

Chapter 7: “Black Widow”

Chapter 8: “Shell Shock”

Chapter 9: “If You Can See It, You Can Kill It”

Chapter 10: “So Much for Promises”

Chapter 11: “Synnecrosis”

Chapter 12: “Dead Zone”

Chapter 13: “Bride of Frankenstein”

Chapter 14: “El Jefe

Chapter 15: “Schwerpunkt”

Chapter 16: “Results”

Chapter 17: “Better Than Memory”

Chapter 18: “Number Nine”

Chapter 19: “Pritchard”

Chapter 20: “Masterwork”

Chapter 21: “Bandwidth”

Chapter 22: “Q&A”

Chapter 23: “Showtime”

Chapter 24: “Showdown”

Chapter 25: “Disruption”

Chapter 26: “Hack or Die”

Chapter 27: “Turnabout”

Chapter 28: “Free at Last”

Chapter 29: “Improvisation”

Chapter 30: “Clarity”

Chapter 31: “War 2.0”

Chapter 32: “Blown Away”

Chapter 33: “A Simple Plan”

Chapter 34: “Transcendence”

Chapter 35: “Fulton’s Plan”

Chapter 36: “Skorpion”

Chapter 37: “Evasive Action”

Chapter 38: “Dance of Death”

Chapter 39: “Grand Finale”

Chapter 40: “Faisal’s Nightmare”

Chapter 41: “Fairy Tale Ending”



Creative Commons License
The Bazaar by Malcolm Chandler is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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