Taking a whack at serial fiction

I am currently busy both writing and marketing. The more I think about marketing the more I realize how important it is to have more of my work out there. I’ve posted some old writing samples on this blog, but I want to do something bigger.

Fortunately, I have The Bazaar.

I have gone back and forth about what I want to do with this manuscript. First I tried Kindle Singles. That didn’t work out. I want to move forward by self-publishing, but I don’t have the cash to invest in proper production values at this time. Hence, a new strategy: I will serialize The Bazaar on this blog. Each chapter will be a single post. Each will be available online for free. I will publish one chapter a week, every week, starting today. If/when I publish the entire novella in print or as an ebook, the full text will remain available for free.

Right now I need readers more than money. Hopefully this will be a step in that direction.

In the meantime, here is the blurb again:

Dr. Mitchell Fulton is an expert in augmented systems: computers implanted in human brains. To be “wired” is to have the entire internet inside your head (provided you’ve got a decent connection, of course). It also means a skilled operator could hack your brain. In theory, at least. No one’s managed it yet.


Rumor has it someone’s come damn close. That someone happens to be Fulton’s late friend, brilliant but troubled programmer David Reese. If Reese’s code falls into the wrong hands it will pave the way for digital weapons of mass destruction: computer viruses that infect human minds.

Fulton agrees to help a team of military contractors retrieve it.

They aren’t the only ones gunning for Reese’s app, however. A group of freelance terrorists are looking to make a big score. They’ve got one of the best hackers in the business and no shortage of willing buyers. The drug cartels that control the Central American Free Trade Zone, for starters.

Fulton and Co. soon find themselves on the bleeding edge of a new kind of war — one fought in the streets, online and inside their minds.


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