“Frankenstein’s Monster”Every Day Fiction (Podcast at Far Fetched Fables)

“Like Killing A Mockingbird”Every Day Fiction

“Foreign Exchange Losses”Every Day Fiction (as Nick Lewandowski)

“Beirut Red”Every Day Fiction (as Nick Lewandowski)

“Revolution Starts at Dawn”  – hackwriters (as Nick Lewandowski)

“I Eat the Body Electric”Bewildering Stories (as Nick Lewandowski)


“Scenes from Egypt’s ‘Day of Wrath'”The Den (as Nick Lewandowski)


“Hand Puppets and Suicide” (as Nick Lewandowski – a real blast from the past!)

Unfinished Stories/Works in Progress

These are stories that either need more work or never turned into anything. At the end of each is a brief explanation of why I’ve held onto it rather than submit for publication.

“Virgil Price, Paranormal Detective”

“The Computer That Said ‘Love Me'”

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