State of Grace

Crash and burn!

Sad to report that “State of Grace” crashed and burned at Bewildering Stories. On the plus side it was not a form rejection. I actually got some great editorial feedback on the piece. There is also a promotional option available for “Vampire Brides from Planet Hell,” which I plan to explore in more depth later this week. So all is not lost. They did ask me if I had anything else for them to consider (which I appreciated). There’s just nothing else ready to go out the door at the moment.

I intend to go back through the story with the editor’s comments in mind. With any luck I can improve the piece and get it accepted somewhere else.

Submission to Bewildering Stories

Per the plan outlined in my recent writing recap post, I just submitted my flash horror story, “State of Grace,” to Bewildering Stories. I am also trying to see if they will give “Vampire Brides from Planet Hell” some more digital ink. Will post updates as I have them.