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…And now for a form rejection

You can’t win them all. While Every Day Fiction accepted “Like Killing A Mockingbird,” Flash Fiction Online has summarily rejected “First Corinthians.” The email didn’t get into details. The original submission guidelines, however, stated that the editor isn’t looking for downer stories. I have a feeling “First Corinthians” was a bit too much of a downer, what with its central premise being the absence of God and all.

“Like Killing A Mockingbird” accepted

After a somewhat lengthy wait (and a rewrite) Every Day Fiction has accepted my flash story, “Like Killing A Mockingbird.” According to their editorial calendar the story will be published on May 20.

I can’t say enough about the editorial team at EDF. They have given me great critical feedback throughout the submission process and have really pushed me to improve the story. It’s come a long way since the first draft. I will post a link when “Like Killing a Mockingbird” goes live on May 20.