Kindle Singles

Kindle Singles update

Back in January I submitted my novella, “The Bazaar,” to Kindle Singles. It’s been a little over six weeks. The Kindle Singles program advertises a six week response time. Since I haven’t heard anything yet I dashed off a quick email yesterday to check status. While I understand they are dealing with a large number of submissions I don’t feel the need to make an open-ended commitment to a billion dollar company. I received a prompt response assuring me the usual response time is six weeks but in this case it was taking a bit longer and I could expect a decision in two business days.

I appreciate the quick reply and specific time frame, but I suspect it means I’m due for a form rejection. As such I’m starting to plan my next move.

To be clear, this was always intended to be an indie project. The Kindle Singles submission was a long shot. It was always going to be a long shot. So I fully intend to pursue this as an indie project. I dabbled briefly in self-publishing about a year ago but didn’t properly invest in production. As a result the results (both product & sales) were decidedly less than impressive. I promised myself I would try again with the benefit of having learned some hard lessons. Now that time has come.

From experience I know I the areas I need to invest in are:

  • Cover art
  • Copy editing
  • Formatting

I will definitely have to pay someone to copy edit. I haven’t made up my mind about cover and formatting. On one hand I’m tempted to go with a full-service, fee-based company like Telemachus Press. But then I look at the $1,500 price tag and start to wonder how far I could get on my own. I plan to look at a few tutorials in the coming weeks and will report back on my progress. In the meantime any words of wisdom from anyone who has been down this road would be much appreciated.