Flash Fiction Online

…And now for a form rejection

You can’t win them all. While Every Day Fiction accepted “Like Killing A Mockingbird,” Flash Fiction Online has summarily rejected “First Corinthians.” The email didn’t get into details. The original submission guidelines, however, stated that the editor isn’t looking for downer stories. I have a feeling “First Corinthians” was a bit too much of a downer, what with its central premise being the absence of God and all.

Flash Fiction Online submission

As part of my ongoing quest for increased visibility, I submitted my flash horror story, “First Corinthians,” to Flash Fiction Online. In an earlier post I described the story thusly:

“First Corinthians” is about a little girl speaking to the exorcist trying to throw a demon out of her sister. It actually takes place apart from the exorcism itself, while the exorcist is taking a break. This isn’t blood and guts horror. I’m trying for something more cerebral – maybe even philosophical. The story is about faith and God and how one copes in the apparent absence of those things. What if God didn’t exist but the Devil did? Pretty horrifying stuff, methinks, albeit in a much subtler way.

As usual, updates to follow.