The Bazaar: Chapter 35

Fulton’s Plan

If AI Quarantine worked against a military-grade hunter-killer AI it stood to reason it would work on a civilian novelty app. Fulton queued it up to scan his own chipset — more specifically Reese’s suicide note.

For all the complex technical underpinnings of he what he was about to attempt the general idea remained fairly straightforward. Picture Toolbox as a shotgun. AI Quarantine is the chamber and Malware Insertion the barrel.

You pull an AI out of an existing program/repository, same as you’d pluck a shell out of a box of ammunition.

Drop it in the chamber.

Rack the pump.


The AI exits the chamber, passes through the barrel. It penetrates the target (the drone’s already-compromised network security suite), then rides the information pipeline straight to the hacker in control. Fulton didn’t know what, if anything, the AI from Reese’s app was programmed to do outside of find memories and extract them for replay.

He did know he was about to launch one of the least ethical experiments in the history of computer science.

He sincerely hoped the university ombudsman would understand.

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