Request for revision from Every Day Fiction

Some time ago I submitted a flash fiction piece to Every Day Fiction. Yesterday I got back a request for revision. Some writers probably look at this as rejection. But to me a request for revision (and the accompanying critical feedback) can be more rewarding than even a string of unqualified acceptances. After all, success isn’t half as good a learning opportunity as failure. Besides, when people stop telling you no and just accept everything you put out you run the risk of ending up like George Lucas.

Specifically this request has to do with character development. Namely that there should be more of it. This is something I struggle with in short fiction – particularly flash fiction. I fall into the trap of viewing very short pieces as snapshots more than fully formed stories. Telling a complete story with three-dimensional characters is not the easiest thing to do in 1,000 words.

I said I would take another look and submit a second draft by Sunday.


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