Everyone should learn computer programming (to some extent)

I think everyone should learn a bit of computer programming. Computers and computer-like devices (tablets, smartphones) are just too important to our everyday lives for us to bumble around treating them like black boxes with incomprehensible innards. I recently started to learn a bit of basic programming myself. While Python is a pretty basic language and I am clearly a beginner, it’s already given me some insight into what the hell it is my laptop/phone is doing when I load up a program or app. It’s also helped me get a batter handle on the technology-related aspects of my fiction writing.

Here are the two beginner resources I would recommend if you want to learn to code:

Another great thing about learning coding and programming is there are plenty of helpful folks out there willing to share their expertise. This means there are a whole slew of free resources available on the web in addition to the two listed above. Give it a try. You won’t be disappointed.

Who knows, maybe it’ll help you start a tech company that you can sell for billions of dollars despite running an operating loss (oops! digression…).

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