Think “tech startups with guns”

In a previous post I alluded to the fact I am finished with the draft of a fiction project. To describe “The Bazaar” in brief: a technology expert and a female mercenary battle a terrorist start-up hell bent on developing a digital terror weapon in a failed South American state.

For a summary with a bit more depth, see below:

Dr. Mitchell Fulton is an expert in digital augmentation: implanting computer hardware into the human brain. He’s also on the verge of a breakdown.

His marriage is crumbling. His old friend, eccentric computer programmer David Reese, recently
committed suicide.

So when private military contractor AEGIS offers him a lucrative consulting job in the Central American Free Trade Zone, Fulton can’t sign on fast enough. Time abroad might do him good, even if he’ll spend it in a war zone.

Fulton arrives to find a state on the verge of collapse. A loose coalition of drug cartels and leftist guerillas control most of the Trade Zone. They are well-armed and unusually adept at information warfare.

The AEGIS contract is run by a hard-boiled mercenary named Emily. According to her, Reese’s final software project is still circulating on the black market. The information encrypted within it could pave the way for developing digital weapons of mass destruction. Emily wants Fulton to help find Reese’s app, crack it and extract the nastiest bits. All it’ll take is a single meeting with a shady tech broker.

But when the deal goes bad, Fulton and Emily are forced to flee into the crumbling, narco-infested slums.

He soon learns the bad guys are utterly ruthless and extremely innovative. Not unlike tech startups with guns. They seem a step ahead at every turn. And before long the whole job starts to look like a setup.

THE BAZAAR is a 28,000 word novella. It is a thriller with some science fiction elements.

The above is formatted more like a traditional query letter. Broadly speaking, I plan to take this project to Amazon’s digital imprints first. Failing that, I plan to go the self-published route (but with proper editing, formatting and cover art). More to follow in the future. In addition, I am considering posting some excerpts to this blog for comment.

Opinions and advice welcome.


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